PhoneWaver Pro

What is PhoneWaver Pro?

PhoneWaver is a software, where you can convert mp3 or wav files into mp4 video files with waveform amplitudes. Mp4 files can then be distrubuted to your clients as good loocking video files or uploaded to youtube, or can be used in your video editing or on your website as marketing material.

A typical use would be to convert your audio guest book files into mp4’s.

Can i see a sample of the output?

Of course. Here you go. Don’t mind it’s in german, Of course you can use it with other mp3 or wav files. 🙂 BTW, PhoneWaver Pro is the first waveform generator worldwide especially for audio guestbooks that provides the option to use video background files (see second video)! And it has professional loudness normalization, which means that it does not only enhance the level of the audio files, but processes it with a clever algorythm to give you best results.

How to use?

Easy peasy: upload your files, define the output (4K, FullHD, HD, Square, whatever you want as long as it is within 4000 px lenght on either side) and hit export. Bulk export (multiple mp3’s or wav’s exporting at once) is possible also. That’s it. You can even import your own graphics or MP4 video as background, define the color of the waveform, the type of waveform etc. pp. You can also set the quality. Lower quality leads to lower file sizes, higher quality to bigger file sizes. Just depends on how you want to use them. For direct sharing, it is recommended to use final file sizes under 20MB. For further video editing a higher quality setting would be more adequate.

Can i see some screenshots?


Is this a monthly payment or a one-time-buy?

No monthly payment. You buy once, and can use it forever. Just install it on your Win 10 or 11 machine, activate it once via internet, and your good to go. No internet connection needed after that for running the software.

What’s the price?

149 Euro (about 165 US$) plus VAT if applicable.

I’m convinced! How to get?

At the moment, unfortunately our webshop doesn’t accept international orders. But that’s a no-brainer. We would be happy to process your order manually. Final price just depends on where you are located:

Outside EU (e.g. United States, Australia, UK etc.): 149 Euro with no tax added
Within EU (outside Germany), but with a valid VAT#: 149 Euro with no tax added (please send your VAT# after payment for validation)
Within EU, without valid VAT#: 149 Euro plus 19% VAT added = 177,31 Euro
Within Germany: 149 Euro plus 19% VAT = 177,31 Euro. German buyers please use our webshop:

Please make sure you’re paying in Euro and not in US$ or any other currency. Thank you!

For customers outside Germany: You can pay via bank wire transfer or PayPal. For bank wire, please contact us via
For PayPal, send the appropriate amount to

Usually you’ll get the download link for the software & license file within a few hours (at office hours). Just be aware that we are from Germany, and our business hours may differ from yours. 😉
Please send us your address via eMail after payment to get an invoice.

Any questions?

Please contact us at We would be happy to answer your questions!